SMK Campaigner Awards 2013 application and nomination deadline extended until 1pm on 17/6/13


The Sheila McKechnie Foundation Campaigner Awards recognise the outstanding contribution that a new generation of campaigners are making towards achieving social, environmental and economic justice here in the UK and abroad.

Are you speaking out and taking action on issues that matter? Or, does this sound like someone you know? If so, please take a moment to apply or nominate for an SMK Campaigner Award.

Applications and nominations will soon close at 1pm on 17th June 2013.

Winners of an SMK Campaigner Award will receive a tailored package of support to help them develop effective and successful campaigns.  The award categories are:

Take Action (aged 60+)
Global Action
London Social Justice
Shout Out! (aged 14-18)
Social and Economic Justice

For more information, or to apply or nominate, please visit the Sheila McKechnie Foundation website at:



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